Gift Ideas. Our personal gift idea guide.

Gift Ideas. Our personal gift idea guide.

World Kindness day is upon us and a gesture of kindness is what we encourage to do to celebrate this day. A gift of kindness or random act of kindness can bring about a positive impact on a person's mood or spirit. However, when it comes to buying a gift for a loved one, it is common to be at a loss for great gift ideas. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge so after a little research and some built up experience in buying gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s day here is a short guide with a few ideas to share with you. This list is only a brief summary of some of our favourite ideas that you would want to use!

Gift Ideas


A good gift idea that comes with a small caveat is an experience. Companies like RedBalloon or adrenaline which offer a plethora of experience to suit a variety of budgets and interests. A massage or treatment from a company such as Endota or Julique can also make for a great gift idea. However, the only disadvantage with buying experience is sending an email or giving someone a piece of paper that has been printed out as a gift. One way to counter this problem is by sending the gift certificate with a bunch of flowers. For example, printing out your gift certificate that can be included in the card that is sent out with a bouquet of flowers to whoever you are sending the gift to, which Bloom & Bud will happily do for you. This way it seems like a more personalised gift and is more exciting to receive.

What flower fits each personality


Jewellery buying is a good option and always goes down well if it is done right. We recommend that sometimes you can cheat by going to a few stores with your loved one and getting an idea of some of the styles and types of jewellery they are currently interested in. Its also a good idea to borrow one rings or a bracelet and take it into a jewellery store to get a size so that when you spot something when looking to get her a Christmas or Birthday gift I am ready to pounce. This is particularly useful to have if you are away and come across a store that has some great products, but you will not be able to return anytime soon. It’s also good if you find a sale and need to nab that bargain gift before it is sold out. Here are a few of our personal favourite jewellery stores:

Christie Nicolaides an Australian know jewelry that is known international for her unique jewellery designs characterised by a baroque sensibility and an exuberant aesthetic. They are located in Brisbane City but have a great online presence. These collections have been strongly influenced by her artistic upbringing as well as her Greek heritage, as well as a love of antique, antiquities and vintage runway jewellery.

By Charlotte has had multiple best sellers such as Gold Lotus and Little Buddha necklace (which has been worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) signifies compassion and new beginnings, while the rest of her collection is full of symbols, motifs and mandalas communicating grace, luck, love and devotion. By Charlotte has a boutique in Paddington and online. Where you can shop for jewellery as well has gift sets in the "gift & home" catalog.

Sarah & Sebastian is an ever-evolving body of work. From day one, its founders have committed to operating a responsible label, both environmentally and socially. They have consciously chosen to minimise their impact by using recycled metals, ethically sourced stones. And their pursuit to push designs with respect for traditional craftsmanship has created their distinct jewellery label that’s indicative of longevity and sentiment. They are located in Paddington and online, has a lovely range of jewellery. They have a personalisation gift section where you can gift a gift Gift with intention; to remember, celebrate or cherish.

Lucy Folk, is the place to be if you are looking for unconventional. This nomadic lifestyle brand has exceptional craftsmanship and an eclectic aesthetic that transforms the creative concept into a piece of art. The label’s handmade jewels, Italian made eyewear, spirited accessories and resort-inspired apparel create a subtle sense of opulence. With jewellery on the list of gift idea's there is also a range of other options created by the label. It’s also been glorified by Vogue, and it’s no surprise the New York Times has praised the brand as a ‘stand-out’.

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Department stores

These days especially with COVID19 the department stores have all upped their online presence and service. The Iconic offers a comprehensive range of stylish and current collection of men, women and kids apparel sourced from the most coveted Australian and international brands. Making it a one stop shop as their selection has over 20,000 products has something for every style. David Jones have similar gift ideas page on their website and offer free delivery for orders over $50. They both have a wealth of products but if you don’t know what you are looking for it can take a while to go through them all. For something, a bit different hard to find have a huge selection of gift ideas which are well-curated into easily searchable categories.


We at Bloom & Bud have always found flowers are a good gift idea particularly if it is last minute. I can say I have never gone wrong sending flowers to a loved one. Surprising someone with flowers is always a lot of fun and makes moment enjoyable. A great factor about flowers is that flowers are the only thing that is suitable as a gift for people of all ages and any occasion without worry. They are also an great affordable gift idea as there are ranges of bouquets available online in different price ranges. Lastly, they are a great to use as the replacement for emotional words to speak your heart out. For years, people know the importance of flowers and their role in expressing feelings of admiration. In simple words, flowers speak the secret language of love and are magnificent to fill the love in dull places. Fresh flowers are always the right gift to show gratitude and bring a smile on the recipient’s face instantly and express your sympathy exactly than other gifts.