As we all know, Halloween is around the corner, and Bloom & Bud want to ensure that you make full use of this experience! This article will provide you with the knowledge of how to make a beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement to help get your house ready for Halloween! We encourage you to try this Halloween flower arrangement, where no previous experience is required so you can easily complete this project!

How to make a beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement

DIY Pumpkin Vase

Halloween is here, and it’s time up the decor vibes into our home. This year we would love to encourage our customers to create a pumpkin vase using a faux craft pumpkin and a variety of stems. We would recommend that you make use of a medium size pumpkin, any colour of your desire, to fill with neutral tone stems like wooden flower dahlias, burlap leaves, pampas stems, and pinecones. We assure you that you would be extremely pleased with the way it turns out. This would make a beautiful centrepiece or add to your Halloween home decor!


You may ask, yourself what are the required elements for such a crafty project? Well, it's very simple. All you need is the supplies listed down below. This artful experience should take you around 1 hour and 20 mins.


Faux pumpkin
Styrofoam block
Flower stems
Hot glue (optional)

What flower fits each personality

Step one:

Use a small knife to cut the stem off the top of the pumpkin. You’ll want the hole large enough to fit your Styrofoam block. I had to cut my Styrofoam quite a bit to fit inside. Then pop out the stem of the pumpkin, then scoop out the seeds!

Step two:

Insert your Styrofoam block into the opening of the pumpkin. Ensure that it fits and cut it down if required! Hot glue it to your pumpkin if necessary.

How to arrange a flower bouquet

Step three:

Start arranging your flower stems into the Styrofoam block. While the flowers are inserted into the floral foam add more. It’s easy to pull the flowers out of the foam and reinsert if you need to. We also suggest cutting the stems down to ensure that they fit into the Styrofoam! Keep on carefully adding in flowers, creating a gorgeous and impressive arrangement. Carefully add in any stems if the arrangements don’t look full enough, you’ll want to make them relatively full for impact. There you have your flower arrangement!

Do not worry - you don't have to be a florist to create beautiful results! . At Bloom & Bud we just want you to go with the flow , and the results will be excellent. I would suggest using few tall stems (the faux branches) in the centre to give the vase arrangement some height. Once those were in place add a few foliage bundle (the orange flowers, cotton branches, and pinecones were all one piece). We would recommend that as your main filler then used smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. We aslo would recommend using our beautiful Elizabeth to help make your flower arranging process easy! Isn’t it gorgeous? We at Bloom & Bud are certainly ready for our yearly Halloween party now.

If you have any trouble we have added this simple video to help make the process a little easier!