How to Choose the best flowers for every occasion

How to Choose the best flowers for every occasion

Flowers are an ideal gift for almost any occasion. From anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, graduation, and weddings to expressing sympathy, gratitude, and appreciation, sending blooms is one of the best and most popular ways of conveying feelings to your loved ones.

But with so many different varieties and colours, how do you choose the perfect flower for every occasion? Factors like what's in season, the recipient’s personal preferences, a flowers meaning and local traditions may affect your choice, so while gifting flowers is always fun, it might not be as simple as it seems. For this reason, we have put together this little guide to help you choose the perfect flowers for any specific occasion.

Gifting flowers is always fun but may not be as simple as it seems. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide to help you choose the perfect flowers for any specific occasion.

Flowers for the occasion

Wedding Anniversary Blooms

Your anniversary is one of the most special days in your relationship, and this milestone is a perfect opportunity to show your commitment and love to your partner! Similar to birthday's, anniversaries have a flower associated with each year, so you have the chance to make the day even more meaningful and exceptional by gifting a flower that signifies the years of your marriage. And you, of course, always have the option to pick your partner's favourite flower as well! 

Anniversary flowers by year: 


 1st  Carnations Young passionate love and the promise of commitment 

Lily of the Valley, Cosmos

 Devotion and the purity of your relationship
3rd Sunflowers  The strength of your bond, loyalty and fidelity
4th Hydrangea  Gratitude and appreciation
5th Daisy  Signifies the bond of your marriage and all your shared experiences
6th Calla Lily Wisdom, and the growth and beauty of your love and wisdom
7th Freesia Trust and faithfulness
8th Lilac Recalling your first emotions and sweetness of your love
9th Bird of Paradise The excitement your relationship contains and adventures to come
10th Daffodil Simple pleasures that you both share
11th Tulip Declaration of love and deep passion
12th Peony Honour and the fortune of happy relationship
13th Chrysanthemum The abundance of love
14th Dahlia, Orchid Pure affection,understanding and mature charm
15th Roses Strong, passionate love and romance
20th Aster Wisdom and good fortune
25th Iris Faith, wisdom and a promise of happy and long-lasting marriage
30th Lily Magnificence, beauty and devotion
40th Gladiolus Vibrancy and remembrance
50th Yellow Roses, Violets Virtue, humility and faith

Mothers day flowers

Flowers are one of the thoughtful gifts you can give your mum on this special occasion. However, choosing the perfect flowers for the most special woman in your life can sometimes get overwhelming. Here are some thoughts for Mother's Day

The most symbolic of Mother's Day. With a wide array of colours to choose from, classic carnations are a popular choice for Mother’s Day flowers. They’re also one of the longer-lasting cut flowers, which means your mum can enjoy them for up to 2 weeks!

Roses are classic and still a highly recommended gift for mums. They come in so many colours and different meanings, too. Yellow roses - represent a caring nature White roses - purity and brightness Deep pink - appreciation.

These cheery and vibrant flowers are sure to bring a smile to your mum’s face. They also symbolise beauty, admiration and gratitude.

These elegant and gorgeous blooms make an excellent gift for mums as they express gratitude and perfect love.

A favourite of many and are associated with motherhood. These charming blooms are a great way to show mum how much you appreciate her.

Funeral Arrangements and Condolences Flowers 

Flowers are a heartfelt way to express your deepest sympathy during the passing of a friend or a family member. In the most difficult of times, flowers also provide comfort to the family of the departed.
Here are some of the most common types of funeral flowers:


Lilies symbolise the soul of the departed and the return to a peaceful state of innocence.


Remembrance and love


Classic deep red roses are often used at funerals and represent love and grief. 


Pink and white orchids are widely used to express one's sympathy and represent eternal love.


Symbolises strength and fortitude.

Flowers for Valentine's day

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day has become a tradition to express one’s love and affection to a special someone. Although roses are no doubt the most popular Valentines Day flowers, there are also a lot of different options that perfectly fit this special occasion and will surely surprise your loved one. Lilies, carnations, tulips and alstroemeria are only some of the especially beautiful choices for Valentine’s Day flowers. 


Christmas Flowers

Flowers are a perfect way to share and embrace the holiday spirit. Flowers and plants that symbolise Christmas include poinsettia, amaryllis, Christmas cactus, snow rose, orchids, and ivy.

This plant symbolises joy, love, purity and hope.

Represents determination, beauty, and love.


Birthday Flowers

Nothing says happy birthday more than a bunch of the recipient’s favourite flowers! But if you’re uncertain about their favourite, lilies can often be a great choice and make a perfect birthday gift as they symbolise happiness and positivity. They also last super long, meaning they'll be remembering their special day for weeks to come! Lilies are, however, poisonous to cats, so make sure that the birthday guy or gal is sans cats. Sunflowers are also common because of their bright and cheerful disposition, plus they last for ages! 
Still not sure what to get? Worry not. There’s yet another way to choose the perfect birthday flowers. Did you know that like gems, every month has a birth flower and each birth month flower has a unique meaning?

Here are the flowers for each birth month and their meaning:

January   Carnation, Snowdrop Love, admiration, fascination
February  Iris , Violet Faithfulness, wisdom, hope
March  Daffodil New beginnings, happiness, joy
April  Daisy, Sweet Pea Innocence, purity
May  Lily of the Valley Love and appreciation
June  Honeysuckle, Rose Love, appreciation, gratitude 
July  Larkspur Positivity, levity,lightness
August  Gladiolus Strength of character
September  Aster Affection, love
October  Marigold Elegance and devotion
November  Chrysanthemum Compassion, friendship, joy
December  Poinsettia Good cheer, happiness