June Birth Flower Explained: Roses and Honeysuckles

June Birth Flower Explained: Roses and Honeysuckles

While most of us are familiar with our birthstones and star signs, the concept of birth flowers may be more obscure. Birth flowers may not have grabbed the attention of popular culture the way zodiac signs have, but knowing the meaning behind the various birth flowers can be a great way to choose the perfect floral gift for a loved one.

For the more superstitious flower lovers among us, birth flowers can even provide insights into a person’s characteristics and personality traits.

Where do birth flowers come from?

Birth flowers, along with much of western flower symbolism, can be traced back to the introduction of floriography or the language of flowers, to Europe in the early 18th century.

Floriography was first brought to the English aristocracy from the Ottoman Empire by the fascinating Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, known also for introducing England to the practice of smallpox vaccination. From Lady Montagu’s introduction, floriography became a craze throughout the courts of Europe and communicating through floral symbolism became popular with many floral dictionaries being published.

During this time, two flowers were assigned to each month with symbolic meanings attached to them.

Lady Montagu in Turkish Dress by Jean-Étienne Liotard, 1756

For the month of June, roses and honeysuckle are the two birth flowers.


The popularity of roses is as old as civilization itself and now the rose is a universal symbol of love. In Greek mythology the first roses grew from the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of her lover Adonis as he died in her arms. Even in ancient Greece, roses represented beauty, love and honor and devotion as they do today.

If you're a June baby with the rose as your birth flower, maybe you too are beautiful, loving, honorable and devout. For anyone born in June the rose is a gorgeous gift to give, showing your love and affection for them and reflecting their personality too!


Honeysuckle is a beautiful climbing flower with an intoxicating aroma that is sweetest and most distinct at dusk. Honeysuckle may not be as popular as roses but it is certainly no less alluring. Honeysuckle are native around the Northern Hemisphere and the 180 different varieties are praised for their resilience, fortitude and appearance.

Their unparalleled ability to climb and cover any surface is valued among gardeners, who often use the flower to coat unsightly structures with a beautiful floral curtain. Honeysuckle’s have the endurance to grow in any conditions and this is why they have come to symbolize everlasting love.

Honeysuckle may make for a lovely gift where it is native, but in Australia, Honeysuckle (particularly Japanese Honeysuckle) is invasive and has become a highly problematic weed for native plants. The flower is so robust that it will climb and smother other plants. It’s probably best to stick with gifting roses for June birthdays so long as you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!

If you know someone who’s birthday is in June, do you think they are delicate and loving like a rose, or enduring and sweet like honeysuckle. No matter which one you choose, they are both truly beautiful blooms!