Reasons to buy yourself flowers!

Reasons to buy yourself flowers!

We all know the basic steps to make ourselves feel good. Some spend more time outside, eat fruits and vegetables, surround yourself with good people and so on. But at Bloom & Bud we believe that having flowers in your home does a whole lot more than just freshen the place up. So, why not spoil your self for these holidays with a beautiful Bouquet of Bloom & Bud Flowers? Why should you wait to receive flowers and purchase yourself a discounted bouquet because there are so many good reasons that you should. Read on to learn about the surprising benefits of having flowers and why you should buy them for yourself today.


It is believed that being closer to nature has a calming and soothing effect on us. If you purchases a bouquet of flower is will help reduce stress because seeing a bunch of fresh flowers in your home can help to ease anxiety. 


Sometimes, life can be a little unkind and there are days when you just want to curl up in a ball. Being defeated or devastated is unavoidable but lucky for us, there are a million options out there for an instant pick-me-up. No marks for guessing that a bouquet or even just a few stalks of pretty blooms will do wonders for the soul. The gorgeous colours, the sweet scent and the accompanying nicely-done packaging can really bump up your mood from one all the way up to 10 real quick.


Beyond the gifting purpose of flowers, most tend to forget that they can be functional too! A fresh bouquet of flowers is a very quick and easy way to bring colour, ambience and style to a room. They can make the simplest of corners look well-loved and put together. They also add atmosphere to a table. Just adding them to your home decor goes a long way in changing the way a room looks. 

They provide a more refined touch and can complement the surrounding furniture if the colours fit each other. You can even experiment by going for a different look and feel with different blooms every week. 


At the end of the day, we could list a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or weirded out to buy yourself flowers, but if it comes down to just because you want to and for no particular reason at all, we say why not?

If it contributes to your happiness and if you’ve got money to spare to splurge on something that you’d enjoy, you keep doing you! 

And if flowers are your thang, head on over to our product page to score a bouquet of gorgeous blossoms for yourself today.