The best flowers and flower arrangements for Halloween

The best flowers and flower arrangements for Halloween

It's spooky season! We, Bloom & Bud, want to help you expand your Halloween decorations this year by adding a touch of elegance! This year you can elevate your home from the typical pumpkin and candy Halloween decorations by simply adding a floral arrangement starring beautiful Halloween themed flowers! Today we provided you with a few floral options to make your Halloween flower picking process a little easier!

Flower options that will help add to your Halloween decor

Orange Roses

We know that the main theme colours for Halloween are orange and black. This is why adding orange roses around your home will help bring the spooky vibes but in a classy way! Vibrant and fiery orange roses represent life, energy, passion and excitement. Thus, a bouquet of vivid orange roses will help you prepare for the trick or treat season! Have a look at the flowers in our collection to view bouquets with orange roses such as The Nova!

What flower fits each personality

Burgundy Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are flowers that are known to be used to decorate graves in many European countries which makes this flower choice the perfect fit for the Halloween theme. It is also common to make use of dark shaded colours during Halloween to help emphasise that mysterious feeling.

Bittersweet/ Berry Branches

Bittersweet, also commonly known as berry branches, are a pretty yet simple type of flower that also fits with the Halloween theme. These are available in various colours, but we recommend the obvious colour choice of orange! These could be placed into pumpkins or added to other decorations with the help of hot glue!

What flower fits each personality

Lotus Pods

This is an interesting type of flower! Lotus Pods have the potential of triggering mixed feelings, as many people feel an aversion towards the sights of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. The Lotus Pods have the potential to look rather poisonous or dangerous and would look magical in an entryway.

'Love Lies Bleeding' Amaranthus

The colour of this flower may not be associated with the Halloween theme due to its bright pink effect. However, the name "Love Lies Bleeding" is definitely Halloween-worthy. They are named like this because they grow from tiny blood-red petal-less flowers that bloom in narrow, often drooping, tassel-like, terminal and axillary panicles throughout the growing season.