Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in violence against women. Let's remove this imbalance today and start raising awareness on the 25th November 2021, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. There are many ways to help women in violence here is some knowledge on how we can improve our commitment to ending gender-based violence in our communities. We can help bring some assurance to survivors of gender-based violence know they are not alone! 


Education is a cornerstone. Educating children about consent, relationships and sexual violence prevention does not necessarily have to start with . School-based sexual abuse prevention programs have been show to improve children’s knowledge, their retention of that knowledge, self-protective behaviours, and disclosures. Practitioners who work with women and children deserve trauma-informed education about the nature and effects of violence and abuse. Institutional and societal leaders need to know about the nature and effects of sexual and family violence, and respond empathically. It is clear that we all need to encourage ourselves and others on ways to be more conscious of what is consider as violent and how to handle it correctly. 

To look into a step of a right direction if we look at the new implementation of all public schools in Victoria introducing mandatory consent classes. This is an Australian-first initiative where the new model will fall under the existing respectful relationships program curriculum, which formally prioritized conversations around respect, sexuality, confidence and sexually transmitted diseases but will no included teaching students about power imbalances, the relationship between alcohol and sexual abuse and how to provide and receive consent. This is a great example of how knowledge of a subject can lead to create power not just for ourselves/others but also for the future.



Violence against women is not solely up to one individual, however greater things can be achieved if done together. For example organisations have joined forces to lobby governments for change now. We have seen a raise in Australian advocacy groups pushing for government investment to help stop sexual violence. What can you do at home? Well a great way to start is to start your own community action which can be done through White Ribbon. This will allow you to collectively meet up with people that have the goal of advocating together to address community needs, host events that raise awareness and funding for community response and engaging men and boys in addressing violence against women. 


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