Flower Delivery

How long does it take to receive my order?

Our flowers are usually delivered to your doorstep the very next day through our reliable delivery network partners.  

Where do you deliver to?

Currently we deliver to the Sydney area, but you can expect us to expand our reach quickly!  

Do you carry out the same day deliveries? 

Since it is extremely important to us that you get your flowers safely, and to ensure that you enjoy the highest standard of service, our earliest option is the next day delivery. 

Do I need to be at my delivery address at the time of arrival? 

There is no need for you to worry about it! We want to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible, therefore our deliveries do not require your physical presence, so long as we’ve a safe space to put your beautiful flowers!

Do you deliver to hospitals?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, as of now, we do not deliver to hospitals. However, we intend to start after our lives start to get back to normal, and our delivery personnel are no longer exposed to catching the virus. 

Does the receiver or any family member have to be present to receive the flowers?

Although it is preferable that someone is there, it is not at all a problem if no one is there to receive the flowers, as long as there is a safe place available where we can leave your flowers. 

What if the recipient misses the delivery?

If this happens, don’t worry. The package would be available at the local post office, information about which will be emailed to you, and will also be available on the letter left on your doorstep. 

Order Placement 

What will I find inside my letterbox?
Your letterbox will come with flower food for your flowers, your special message card, a guide to help you arrange your flowers, foliage and of course, flower buds. 

What should I do if my flowers have not arrived? 

For every order, we will provide you with a confirmation email, containing your unique delivery tracking link. 

Should something unprecedented happen, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

When should I order the delivery of freshest flowers? 

To assure the highest standard of service, we suggest that you place your order within a few days of the occasion. You can arrange for a specific future date, instead of the next day, which is great, as our flowers hate to be left in the box!

Can I customize my bouquet?

We have designed our bouquets in consultation with the best florists available in Australia, keeping in mind the availability of seasonal flowers and colour combinations. So unfortunately, at this time, you cannot customize the bouquet. However, if the recipient of the gift has pets at home, you can replace the flowers which may be harmful to the pets with other blooms. To see which flowers are harmful for our furry friends, please check the Flowers and Pets section. 

Can I change or cancel my order?

Any order changes could be applied only if you wish to change your order before it is received by our fulfillment partners. These changes will not be applicable in the case you have opted for the next day delivery. 

Flower care 

How will I propel the growth of my flowers?
We got you covered - Bloom & Bud’s team has prepared a dedicated Flower Care page just for that! Additionally, your letterbox will come with a beautiful booklet with a step by step approach on how to take proper care of your beloved flowers.

How to care for flowers such that they last long?

You can check out the Flower care section on the website. Additionally, you will also find useful information in the booklet delivered with the box.

Why do the flowers look droopy?

If your flowers look droopy, there is no reason to worry. These flowers have travelled a lot to get to your lovely home. Here are some tips to make your flowers look fresh again again, remove 3-4 big and dry petals covering your flower. We leave these on to prevent flowers from getting damaged in transit. 

Next, trim the stems and let your flowers and greenery drink water and eat some flower food.  You’ll find more instruction in the booklet which has been provided with the flowers. 

What if my flowers still look droopy?

If your flowers look droopy even after absorbing water for 24 hours and having some flower food, then contact us on hello@bloomandbud.com.au and we will be happy to help you.

How long do the flowers last?

All flowers have different vase life.  If you keep them away from the radiator and direct sunlight, they should last at least for 7 days, or more. Some flowers even last for 2-3 weeks. 

What if the recipient is unavailable to receive the flowers and put them in water straight away?

We select buds which last upto 48 hours without water. So we’re sure that this  won’t prove to be a big problem! 

How are the flowers packaged? 

Our flowers are packaged with utmost care by our logistics partner in a recyclable box, along with all the recyclable components. They are protected by the wrapping paper, onto which we will place a neat ribbon to make your day!

Is the packaging recyclable?  

Everything from the box to everything inside is recyclable. Our products have been made to make you and the environment both happy. 

The flowers I have received do not match the pictures of the bouquet I ordered on the website, what should I do?

As a part of the DIY-concept, once you put your flowers in water with flower food, and give them time to rest, they will start to look as good as the pictures on the website. 

Occasionally, some flowers may be replaced by others. This will only happen if the quality of the flowers which are part of your bouquet are not up to Bloom and Bud standard, and therefore, our packers replace them with the most beautiful, fresh flowers available at the time. 


Are your flowers pet friendly? 

If you’re sending flowers to someone who owns a cat, we would not recommend gifting lilies, because lily pollen is known to be toxic for cats. 

Azaleas and amaryllis are also highly toxic for dogs and cats if ingested. So we would recommend that you avoid sending these flowers to anyone who houses pet dogs or cats.   

In any case, it is best to keep flowers away from the pets, for the sake of pets and flowers alike. 

Do you have an app?

Soon..very soon!