Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before continuing to use our website. These terms include information about pricing, how the goods reach you, how you may end a subscription, and other important information. Wherever “you” is used, it refers to the person using the website and/or placing the order. Wherever “we” is used, it refers to Bloom and Bud. 



1. After placing the order, your delivery address, delivery dates, and the message on the gift-card can be changed up until your order hasn’t reached the fulfillment partners for order preparation. You may change the information by going to My Account. These changes will not be applicable in the case you have opted for the next day delivery.

2. Changes in the order may not be recognized, especially during important holidays and festivals due to the volume of orders coming in during such times.

3. You are not permitted to order any product for the purpose of resale.

4. Every order placed by you and accepted by us for packaging & delivery leads to the creation of a binding agreement between you and the logistics partners, ensuring the delivery of the relevant product, in the time frame for delivery selected by you.

5. There is a maximum order size for individuals. This has been put in place to restrict resale. If you have a requirement for large number of orders, please send us an email on hello@bloomandbud.com.au

Information and Privacy

1. For the timely and correct delivery of the gift to the delivery address, and for processing the payment, we require some information from you, these include, payment details, your name, name of the recipient, your contact details, contact details of the recipient, billing address, and delivery address.

2. For information on how we obtain, store and use your personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

3. After you have successfully placed an order, you should see a message on screen confirming your order, and you will also receive a mail confirming that an order has been placed. In case you do not see this message or do not receive the confirmation email, please reach out to us on hello@bloomandbud.com.au to confirm if your order has been successfully placed or not.

4. If we want to contact you, we will do so from our registered Email ID hello@Bloomandbud.com.au or by telephone. Please refrain from sharing any sensitive information as Bloom and Bud will never call and ask you for sensitive banking or payment information. 

Pets and flowers

Please carefully read the information provided on the website about flowers which are unsuitable for a home with pets. In case of any allergy, infection, or health issue arising with the pet of the recipient of flowers, or any dogs, cats or horses in the vicinity of the flowers, Bloom and Bud cannot be held responsible. It is solely your responsibility to conduct due diligence about the allergy or health conditions of the pet of the receiver and order flowers accordingly.

Contract and Delivery

1. Bloom and Bud’s fulfillment partners are legally obligated to deliver the product to your delivery address, if the product so ordered conforms with the contract.

2. The cost of delivery is dependent on your selection of delivery time, i.e., standard delivery or express delivery.

3. Delivery hours on normal working days are between 8.00 AM and 6:00PM.

4. If you would like to arrange a custom delivery, given your hours of availability, we can try to do so with the help of our fulfillment partner. However, we cannot guarantee that the time of delivery will be exactly according to your request, as it is dependent on the fulfillment partners.

5. If the gift has been delivered to the reception or custodian, at the address specified in the order, Bloom and Bud cannot be held responsible for the delivery of the gift to the hands of the recipient.

6. In case of delivery to a hospital where the recipient has been discharged, the gift will return to Bloom and Bud’s logistics partner, which can then be re-delivered to a changed address. However, additional charges will apply along with bouquet replacement costs.

7. If the gift is not received by the recipient within four days of the delivery date, given that the delivery address provided is correct, and there is someone to receive the gift or there is a place to safely leave the gift, Bloom and Bud will contact the Logistics partners and get your gift delivered at the earliest.

8. In a situation where the package has been returned to the logistics partners, due to incomplete or erroneous delivery address details, unavailability of the recipient, or unavailability of a safe place to leave the package, you will have to pay for the re-delivery to the delivery address, and Bloom and Bud will not be held responsible for the state and quality of flowers then received, since these flowers are perishable goods and deteriorate in condition over time.

9. In case of delay of receipt due to late collection from the post office, or delivery from the logistics partner again after rerouting it once, due, Bloom and Bud will neither be accountable, nor liable, for the quality and condition of flowers received. 

Prices and Payments

1. All prices are in Australian dollars.

2. If you order something, it automatically means that you are agreeing to pay for the product(s) and service(s).

3. The prices visible on the product page do not include Delivery charges.

4. We will not change prices of the product you have ordered after you have paid for it, even if it changes on the product page.

5. You will be informed about any processing fee for the transaction charged for payment through card, prior to the payment.

Third party logistics partners and
courier services

1. Bloom and Bud uses third party logistics partners to carefully prepare and pack your order.

2. Making the delivery on time is our utmost priority, however, Bloom and Bud relies on third party courier services like StartTrack, therefore we cannot be held responsible for delay in transit.

3. In case of unforeseen circumstances hampering the supply chain, and safe delivery at the given time and/or address, delaying the delivery, damaging or affecting the quality of the package and flowers, Bloom and Bud cannot be held responsible.

4. In case of non-delivery or delay in delivery, we will do our best to resolve the problem in coordination with the third-party logistics and delivery partners.  

Undeliverable package

Your gift will be considered undeliverable in the following circumstances:

1. The address provided for delivery cannot be located, is incorrect, or incomplete.

2. If the address provided is incorrect and delivery is made on the address provided, and according to the instructions given by you, which is wrong, Bloom and Bud will not be held responsible for this error.

3. There is no person at the delivery address to receive the gift and there is not a safe place available to leave the gift. If the receiver does not accept the delivery before opening the gift.

4. In any situation where the package cannot be delivered, the recipient will be informed about the location for pick up from post-office in an email or by a letter left at the delivery address. 

Product switch

1. Bloom and Bud delivers both, seasonal blooms and those which are available all year round. We intend to deliver the best quality flowers for your DIY bouquet, and therefore our florists or partners may replace a poor-quality flower with a fresh flower which will last longer. As a result, flowers may differ in their color, or form, compared to the product description available on the product page.

2. The product page will be updated according to the availability of flowers, but in case you order and some flowers from your bouquet are no longer available, they will be replaced with the freshest flowers available at the time, without compromising the beauty and style of your bouquet.

Delivery on Holidays

We cannot fulfill delivery on public holidays. In case you have ordered a product and the delivery date falls on a public holiday, the delivery will begin from the next working day. 

Refund and cancellations

1. We aim to offer the best service to our lovely customers, which makes them want to come back. If you find that the quality of the flowers is not up-to par, or you haven’t received the bouquet that you ordered, we’ll be happy to assist you with a refund for your order. Just contact us on hello@bloomandbud.com.au

2. Cancellation for the order can be accepted before our logistics partners start preparing your package. For quick cancellation, email us on hello@bloomandbud.com.au

3. Flowers are perishable, but after adding the flower food and giving them enough time to absorb water, if they do not last for a minimum of 3 days, please shoot us an email and we will rush to fix your bouquet. If you are still unsatisfied with our rescue operation, please let us know within 48 hours and we can look into delivering another flower box or discuss a refund.

Bloom and Bud is not liable for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, remote or incidental damages or for any loss of profit, loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of opportunity, increased financing costs, or any failure to realise anticipated savings or any type of commercial or economic loss.